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Eileen Lichtenstein is Your Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life, Career and Family!

When you work with Eileen you will experience the freedom and peace
of leading a balanced life.

Empowering Organizations, Individuals & Families to
SOAR to New Heights of Happiness and Productivity!

Helping you and your organizations be Positive, Productive and Powerful
with effective DeStress, Anger Management and Communication tools.

Promoting Optimal Wellness and Productivity in Your Life

anger management nassau county long island Eileen Lichtenstein
  • Personal Development for your best self
  • A life free of worry and anxiety
  • Easy and effortless relationships
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Healthy and well-adjusted mind and body

When you work with Eileen you will experience the freedom and peace of leading a balanced life.

She will guide into the awareness of a successful life with her private life coaching and workshops.

As your personal Peak Performance Success Coach Eileen has the ability to recognize what isn't working in your life and assist you in the awareness necessary for your transformation.

Promoting Optimal Productivity & Performance in the Workplace

stress mangement Long Island Balance and Power® offers organizational, corporate, executive and personal life management workshops, training, coaching and speaking. Eileen specializes in work-life balance, stress reduction, stress management and career issues. Access the power you already have within you to bring about work-life balance. Balance brings power to the process of decision-making!

If you or your employees experience stress, frustration and insecurity as a result of...
  • the economy and cutbacks
  • company growth and mergers
  • departmental friction
  • multiple job responsibilities
  • juggling personal and business life

Eileen Lichtenstein your peak performance success life coach can help you and the people in your organization effectively deal with these situations. Personal Development, Increased confidence, creativity, commitment and company cohesiveness are proven results of her engagement with you. Additionally, Eileen's unique style of blended coaching and training facilitates:

anger mangement Long Island
  • reduction of stress and anxiety symptoms
  • improved relationships
  • anger management
  • stress management
  • understanding communication styles and resolution of conflict
  • increased self-esteem and boosted morale
  • balanced work and personal life
  • goal attainment and effective prioritizing skills

Eileen Lichtenstein is a regular published contributor
to the Huffington Post

Articles by Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. | Huffington Post Contributor

Is your Patience Quota suffering this Season?

"One common denominator among my anger management clients is impatience. Impatience is more prevalent these days as pace is so fast and time seems to be wasted if things do not happen quickly-smoothly. " (Continued at Huffington Post)

What is the #1 Health Risk in America and what you can do about it!

"Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found that women with highly stressful jobs face a 40 percent higher risk of cardiovascular disease. The study defined high stress jobs as ones where the woman felt she had little creativity or power to make decisions, despite being expected to perform tasks quickly. Stress levels were often raised because it is quite common for women have several non workplace tasks, including caring for children and aging relelatives." (Continued at Huffington Post)

Challenging Cognitive Distortions

"The one most important piece of advice I have to give is this: Do not take something negative that someone says personally- it may be true - or perhaps it is simply the individual's distorted perception. We are each quite capable of creative interpretations - of cognitive distortions." (Continued at Huffington Post)

Worrying is a waste of time and energy!

"Did you know that 40% of worrying is about things that will never happen 30% of worrying is over things that can't be changed 10% of worrying is over health." (Continued at Huffington Post)

Ten Tips to Increase Happiness & Build Confidence

"I've witnessed amazing escalation in self esteem, happiness, productivity and success with the implementation of these tips for my clients." (Continued at Huffington Post)

10 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

"We all know them in business, personal and family relationships. Here are a few tips that will make dealing and interacting with the difficult easier" (Continued at Huffington Post)

Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention Programs

Balance & Power, Inc. has been addressing stress and anger management issues for two decades, corporately and in the educational and private sectors, and is now facilitating Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention trainings. Workplace violence & bullying has reached epidemic proportions - it is our goal to help eliminate these type of situations. Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO, believes inner strength and being centered are keys to optimal productivity and happiness. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist, accepted by the US courts, a former Biofeedback Practitioner, and former faculty member at Hofstra University and CUNY trainer.

anger management nassau county  long islandDownload: Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention Programs (pdf)

Personal Development Long Island NY

Personal Development long island Personal Development Coaching & Workshops in Long Island NY, Uniondale, Nassau County and New York Metro Area

Eileen can help you achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and create a mission statement for yourself. Personal development goals include relationships, business, finance or health and wellness.

Talk to Eileen about how to reach your full potential and her amazing tools for personal development and growth in your professional and personal life.

Get to know your your strengths and talents.

As a Personal Development Coach, Eileen works with you in any and all areas of your life. Eileen knows that we all possess unlimited abilities to grow, learn and evolve.

There is nothing that we cannot learn and implement in our lives.

Personal Development is:
  • Improving self-awareness
  • Improving self-knowledge
  • Improving skills or learning new ones
  • Building or renewing self-esteem
  • Developing strengths or talents
  • Identifying or improving your potential
  • Goal setting
  • Enhancing lifestyle or the quality of life
  • Improving health
  • Fulfilling aspirations
  • Improving social abilities
  • Reducing stress, anger, and anxiety
  • Helping you with a positive mindset

Eileen's Personal Development 'one on one' coaching and workshops can help you get results.

What people are saying about Eileen Lichtenstein,
Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life, Career and Family!

"Eileen has helped me through the darkest moments of my life; her support was unbelievable. I would not have been able to get through my divorce and family being torn apart without her help. When I was totally lost she guided me through the road map back to my life. I could never thank her enough".
- JD, PSEG Employee

parenting skills programs long island NY "Working with Eileen has been tremendously helpful for dealing with stress and given me tools to overcome my fears and come to terms with making the best of what I can accomplish and letting the rest of it be. Thank you thank you so much!!"
- Pamela Higgins,
Certified Health Coach

"On behalf of Nassau CHADD, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation regarding EFT Tapping benefits for persons with ADHD. As was evident from the discussion in the group, you raised important issues. The members who attended were very glad to gain an understanding of (EFT) Tapping and its benefits. You provided them with excellent and relevant information.
Thank you for your time and your expertise."
- Sincerely, Christine Percoco
Corresponding Secretary, Nassau CHADD

"After a recent incident in my life, I had the pleasure of working with Eileen Lichtenstein for a few weeks. This experience allowed me to focus on various events of my life, some of which were out of my control. She is knowledgeable, understanding and shows a great deal of compassion, also allowing me to reach some form of inner peace, despite the circumstances. Various relaxation techniques were introduced to me, which I will continue to take advantage of.

I cannot thank Eileen enough for her insight, encouragement and support. Overall it was a great experience, but a necessary one, to get me through one of life's obstacles. Thank You."
- Ron K., Rehab Therapist, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

More Testimonials Here

Learn more about Eileen's Workshops and
Peak Performance Success Life & Career Coaching.

bullying Wantagh

Also From Balance & Power®:

NEW! Caregivers: Prevent and Overcome Compassion Fatigue

caregivers compassion fatigue long island

Caregivers Compassion Fatigue

Caregivers Support Groups Long Island

Are you giving too much to others and have nothing left for yourself?
  • Do you go into isolation just to escape from the world and all the demands?

  • Do you find yourself burnt out, having nothing left to give to anyone?

  • Is food becoming a "go to"?
You could be a therapist, social worker, or special education teacher. Maybe even a physician, nurse or clergy. Or you could be a loving family member, a daughter or a son.

Caregiver Support Groups Long Island
What we all have in common is "compassion fatigue" - When we start neglecting our own care and needs, caring for those who are sick becomes overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be that way anymore. You don't have to suffer in silence.

Read: Signs of Compassion Fatigue for Caregivers



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