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Anger Management

Uniondale, Long Island NY, near Westbury,
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Anger Management Seminars from Balance and Power
Westbury, Nassau County, Long Island and New York Metro Area

anger management Long Island Now Offering:
Anger Management Classes and Anger Management Educational Programs for individuals who may be court mandated.

Anger Management Specialist-1 certification to teach anger management for groups and individuals based on a psycho-educational model from NAMA: National Association of Anger Management.

Anger Management coaching and training will help you to take charge of your life! You can gain control of your anger now...

Anger Management

anger management Long Island Eileen Lichtenstein has special expertise in the relationship of stress reduction and stress management with managing anger. Her work includes proven mind-body /anger release techniques and anger control methods.

She can help you to understand the definition of anger as a protective emotion and consider ways in which anger can be useful and positive.

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. is a Certified Anger Management Specialist

Veterans' Reintegration with EFT!
How EFT can help Veterans' Reintegration!

Veterans Reintegration long island new york Almost all service members will have reactions after returning from deployment. These behaviors and feelings are normal, especially during the first weeks at home. Balance & Power, Inc. provides Veterans an opportunity to reconnect and reintegrate all parts of their "self."

Many Veterans have found that these tools, along with traditional therapies, help them manage their challenges better allowing them to fully participate in their lives.

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About Anger Management
with Balance and Power®
sensitivity training Long Island

Eileen Lichtenstein has special expertise in the relationship of stress reduction and stress management with managing anger. Her work includes proven mind-body /anger release techniques and anger control methods. She can help you to understand the definition of anger as a protective emotion and consider ways in which anger can be useful and positive.

Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO of Balance and Power®, has successfully run stress reduction and anger management seminars within medical, educational and corporate communities. She is a former biofeedback practioner and a professor at Hofstra University, in the Health and Physical Education Department. She has helped thousands of individuals reduce anger-stress levels and to become healthier, both emotionally and physically. She specializes in the Westbury NY, Wantagh, Nassau County, Long Island, and New York Metro area.

"Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured." - Mark Twain

Anger Management Seminars and Business

anger management Long Island Executive Anger Management Sessions

In business, CEO's, human resource managers, labor relations attorneys and customer service managers are realizing that managing anger and having the ability to "keep your cool" is essential to
  • Better customer service
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Solid trusting coworker and personal relationships/effective communication
  • Teamwork
  • Productivity
  • Problem solving
  • Workplace safety
  • Employee retention
  • Physical and mental health
  • Personal Developement

Balance and Power offers anger management seminars on your site at your location, in our Uniondale LI, New York location as well as various locations in the NY metro area.

What can Anger Management Seminars do for me?

angermanagement long island Eileen Lichtenstein
Everyone can benefit from my anger management seminars. We live in a very complex, stressful world. Managing anger and violence in our homes, communities, schools and workplace has taken on new definitions and implications.

  • Assertive vs. aggressive communication and good listening skills are necessary components of my anger management seminars.

  • Communication: being able to "walk away" and "let go" of unpleasant situations instead of expressing anger in unacceptable ways.

  • In addition to addressing communication styles, Eileen teaches participants useful stress management techniques to "let go" of frustrations and release tension.

  • Numerous health issues are associated with anger. In addition to the obvious high blood pressure and tension headaches, almost any "condition" is exacerbated by stress and anger levels.

Skillful anger and stress management techniques are taught and practiced in our seminars with coaching and training for appropriate communication skills necessary for managing anger.

Our anger - communication - stress management coaching is also available via telephone and Online. *The court mandated sessions must be face to face.

10 Tips for Dealing with Difficult People

By Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. | Huffington Post Contributor

"We all know them in business, personal and family relationships. Here are a few tips that will make dealing and interacting with the difficult easier" (Continue)

Read the full blog at
The Huffington Post

Anger Mangement works at Home and in the Community

anger management Long Island Parents, divorce mediators and attorneys, teachers and educators are increasingly aware of the need for anger management seminar training.

Managing anger has become a popular parenting issue, ranging from dealing with children's anger to appropriate communication with an angry spouse in regards to parenting or relationships.

Eileen can help you to make the anger-love connection, to identify and deal effectively with your hot buttons, and to acknowledge grieving. With Eileen's help, you will be able to keep your anger level to at 1-3 on a scale of 10. Eileen offers an anger assessment as well as a communication styles inventory.

Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention Programs

Balance & Power, Inc. has been addressing stress and anger management issues for two decades, corporately and in the educational and private sectors, and is now facilitating Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention trainings. Workplace violence & bullying has reached epidemic proportions - it is our goal to help eliminate these type of situations. Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO, believes inner strength and being centered are keys to optimal productivity and happiness. She is a Certified Anger Management Specialist, accepted by the US courts, a former Biofeedback Practitioner, and former faculty member at Hofstra University and CUNY trainer.

anger management nassau county  long islandDownload: Workplace Violence & Bullying Prevention Programs (pdf)

Anger Management for Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery
[Anger Management Addiction Recovery]

anger management addiction recovery Long Island
Anger management is an essential factor when overcoming an addiction. The probability of a relapse significantly increases when emotions of anger and resentment are not dealt with properly. Anger strikes everyone, but these emotions are intensified in someone trying to recover from an addiction. Their need for the addictive substance increases with their heightened emotions.

Therefore, Anger Management is an essential component in overcoming addiction... (Continued at Eileen's Balance & Power Blog Here: Anger Management for Substance Abuse, Addiction and Recovery)

Hear More About Anger Management Addiction Recovery
Eileen on WHPC Radio, Recovery Road, Nassau College Jan 2013
Eileen discusses how anger management is an essential piece for addiction recovery.
WHPC Radio, Recovery Road, Nassau College Listen Here: Anger Management Addiction Recovery

Anger Management for Troubled Youth
[Anger Management Troubled Youth, Troubled Youth Programs, Troubled Kids, Troubled Teens ]

anger management Troubled Teens Long Island
Eileen Lichtenstein's Anger Management certification and experience working with "troubled" youth in NYC and Long Island Schools makes her the "go to" person regarding youth experiencing high levels of anger and stress.

Eileen has trained thousands of teachers, support staff and administrators in public schools and "Head Start" dealing with anger/stress management and effective communication skills. (NYC and Long Island).

Eileen has successfully facilitated Stress and Anger Mangement Youth Programs (parallel to the NYS anti-bullying campaign) in classrooms as well as coaching students at Career and Health Fair days of public schools across Long Island.

Parenting Skills Program to Reverse High Stress Parenting
[ Parenting Skills Programs Long Island NY ]

Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY

It's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed, especially in today's world. This program shares stress and anger management strategies and how to become proficient Active Listeners and Conflict Resolution Practitioners essential in our busy home lives today.

Balance & Power Parenting Skills Program:
Learn Strategies/Techniques to Reduce and Cope with Anger

  • Learn Relaxation Exercises to reduce stress and tension

  • Learn Strategies to increase Frustration Tolerance

  • Learn Methods to project positive authority, discipline and limit setting

  • Learn about Age Appropriate Punishment-Warning, time to calm down, timeout, grounded, losing privileges

  • Learn how to handle children when they express frustration through anger and tantrums.

  • Learn how to set Healthy Boundaries, identify and promote respectful behavior.

Learn more about Parenting Classes Long Island NY

Eileen also offers Court Approved Parenting Classes in Long Island NY:
  • Letters accepted by the courts.
  • One to one, sliding scale fee, 6 sessions paid in advance.
  • Letter, certificate is given upon completion and letter when starting if needed.
  • Court Approved Parenting Classes

What people are saying about Eileen's Sessions and Seminars:

I cannot thank Eileen enough for her insight, encouragement and support.

"After a recent incident in my life, I had the pleasure of working with Eileen Lichtenstein for a few weeks. This experience allowed me to focus on various events of my life, some of which were out of my control. She is knowledgeable, understanding and shows a great deal of compassion, also allowing me to reach some form of inner peace, despite the circumstances. Various relaxation techniques were introduced to me, which I will continue to take advantage of.

I cannot thank Eileen enough for her insight, encouragement and support. Overall it was a great experience, but a necessary one, to get me through one of life's obstacles".
Thank You, - Ron K., Rehab Therapist, Veterans Affairs Medical Center anger management  Long Island

"I knew the road that I had to go down. This class gave me the focus I needed for the journey."
- Ibrahim Zahran, Nassau County, Long Island, Sheriff

"My coaching sessions with Eileen for stress and anger management have inspired me to walk through my life with a higher level of consciousness, to observe all things and situations without jumping in, having a strong reaction and becoming agitated."
- Anora S. Office Manager to Healthcare Administrator

More Testimonials Here

To reduce your stress/anger levels right now, take a "mini-vacation".
anger management nassau county long island Track #7: Guided Relaxation

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." - Buddha

Anger Management: Strategies & Techniques
By Eileen Lichtenstein

Anger Management
Strategies & Techniques

  • Anger Management
  • Personal goal setting
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Interactive Exercises
  • Personal Developement
Explore strategies to reduce anger and deal effectively with others. Anger and communication issues are highly affected by stress levels.

Eileen's interactive exercises & worksheets throughout the book are easy to follow while guiding you step by step through her process to success.

Looking for a career change, a reinvention? And if you are simply feeling overwhelmed with life, "sandwich generation" or parenting issues, Eileen's new ebook collection will help get you get unstuck, be fearless and SOAR!

Part of the "SOAR! with Resilience™ Series: The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success"

Cost: $9.95
[Downloadable in PDF Format]

Click Here to Order

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