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EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Uniondale, Long Island NY, near Westbury,
Hempstead, Nassau County, and surrounding areas

Amazing Energy Meridian Tapping Techniques, combined with Coaching,
Helps Eradicate & Relieve Your Physical and
Emotional Negative Symptoms!

COVID-19: Using EFTtapping as a Resource for Managing Stress | March 26, 2020

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Guided Visualization-Relaxation with Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career.

Reduce stress and transform procrastination into action!

As you may know and most of the medical industry is now discovering, when we have physical problems they are almost always connected with our emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique comes to the rescue and is showing astounding results; in some cases after one or two sessions.

As a Certified level 2 EFT practitioner I use these amazing techniques in my Personal Life and Career Coaching Sessions as well as Anger and Stress Management Sessions and Seminars with overwhelming success!

Eileen Available to Lead EFT Groups Online

eft events long island
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Guided Visualization-Relaxation with Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career

Location: Now available online.

RXR Plaza: 405 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556
Eileen also facilitates groups on your location.

  • Release stress and resolve issues!

  • Build confidence!

  • Overcome fears!

  • Tap on your own challenges and the other participants' for great results!

  • Reduce stress and transform procrastination into action!

  • Beginners and Experienced Tappers Welcome

eft long island Eileen Lichtenstein
Certified level 2 EFT practitioner

Certified Level 2 EFT Practitioner

As you may know and most of the medical industry is now discovering, when we have physical problems they are almost always connected with our emotions. Emotional Freedom Technique comes to the rescue and is showing astounding results; in some cases after one or two sessions.

As a Certified level 2 EFT practitioner I use these amazing techniques in my Private Life Coaching Sessions as well as my Anger Management Seminars and Stress Management Seminars with overwhelming success!

Start today to change your life and career for the better! Sign up for my amazing Stress Management Seminars using Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT and notice the benefits in one session!

Take Action and Reach Your Goals with EFT Tapping!

What is EFT?

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is often described as the tapping technique and is a powerful stress reduction tool that is proving to be extremely effective in a wide variety of conditions in which stress can be a causative or aggravating factor.

Research continues to expand its evidence of effectiveness for conditions as anxiety, PTSD, phobias, suppression of cravings and more. EFT is an approach that incorporates multiples aspects of the mind and body through the stimulation of the meridian energy system that has been utilized in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for thousands of years.
eft long island

Some of The Benefits That
Emotional Freedom Technique Deals With:

Overcome Procrastination with EFTtapping!

NBC Today Show January 2018: Could EFT tapping be the solution to chronic pain and anxiety?

On Megyn Kelly TODAY, Megyn is joined by Adrienne Cerulo, who says a healing technique known as tapping freed her from four years of excruciating pain, and Nick Ortner, author of "The Tapping Solution." Cerulo says she is still pain-free after two years, and Ortner leads the studio audience in a demonstration of EFT technique. Watch it here.

eft long island

eft long island

How the Duchess of Cornwall stops her fear of flying:

The Duchess of Cambridge herself has had to come to grips with her own fear of flying and her recent biography reveals that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) has helped her to relax while on a flight.
Read the article here.

eft events long islandEileen on Hilary Topper On Air: The Power and Practice of EFT

November 23, 2018

Do you find yourself procrastinating or dealing with negative thoughts hindering your productivity and happiness? Then be sure to tune in to this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, as Hilary interviews Eileen Lichtenstein, CEO of Balance & Power, Inc. and author of "SOAR! with Resilience: The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success"

Eileen has been empowering organizations, individuals and families to soar to new heights of happiness and productivity for decades! Learn how to help yourself and your organization be positive, productive and powerful with effective destress, anger management and communication tools, specifically the power and practice of emotional freedom techniques.

Listen To The Show Here

Clients are successfully guided to release fear
and completely reverse phobias!

Eileen Lichtenstein talks about and demonstrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).

LIASB Breakfast with Eileen Lichtenstein demonstrating her Balance & Power EFT Tapping Points Program. Video Courtesy of Bill Moseley/BBA Photo Corp.

Typically, EFT is facilitated with a practitioner for several sessions, while the individual is tapping on their own every day. EFT is especially effective when integrated with Peak Performance Success Coaching and may be arranged in 3 or 6 week packages.

EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique,
Eileen Lichtenstein Introduction

Conquer Procrastination with EFT:
Emotional Freedom Technique, Eileen Lichtenstein

Eileen's Introduction to EFT/Tapping

Here is my introduction to EFT/Tapping based on Gary Graig's and Dr. Patricia Carrington's work. Many thanks to the EFT community for paving the way to spirited sharing!

I welcome comments, questions and Free consults HERE.

EFT Tapping Points (pdf)

Headaches, Back Pains and Other Discomforts

"According to the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, EFT often does the job for you cleanly and thoroughly in one or two sessions... and we often achieve noticeable results in a few brief rounds of EFT. We label these near-instant results as "one minute wonders." Do EFT properly and you will likely experience them 50% of the time. Headaches, back pains and other discomforts often tend to improve or vanish."

Smoking Cessation with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

stop smoking with eft long island Smoking Cessation with EFT
(Emotional Freedom Techniques)
**6 (60 minute) Session Program to last a lifetime!

Individual Sessions in Westbury, Long Island and Online

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is simply the quickest and most effective way to deal with doubts, obstacles, triggers, cravings, concerns, and emotions that most people who are quitting smoking have to deal with. Not only does EFT help make the transition to non-smoker easier, it better equips ex-smokers to deal with any stressful situations that may cause a relapse.

Veterans' Reintegration with EFT!
How EFT can help Veterans' Reintegration!

Veterans Reintegration nassau county long island Almost all service members will have reactions after returning from deployment. These behaviors and feelings are normal, especially during the first weeks at home. Despite the challenges of reintegration, most service members will successfully readjust with few problems. However, seeking solutions to problems is a sign of strength. Having coping skills will positively influence your ability and attitude to handle the uncertainties of post-deployment and reintegration.

Recognizing the three parts of our "self" - our mind/thoughts, our physical body and our emotional/spiritual self. A combat experience is an extreme experience that can disconnect us from one or all of aspects of our "self." Balance & Power, Inc. provides Veterans an opportunity to reconnect and reintegrate all parts of their "self."

Many Veterans have found that these tools, along with traditional therapies, help them manage their challenges better allowing them to fully participate in their lives.

EFTtapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) for Veterans; Reintegration: PTSD and related topics:

Video: EFT for War Veterans with PTSD by EFT Tapping Founder Gary Craig Veterans' Reintegration with EFT: Gary Craig gathers together numerous war veterans with severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. EFT generates dramatic improvements. EFT Tapping Therapy Cures War Veterans With PTSD Tap Your Way to Healing EFT

How EFT can help you lead a normal social and academic life!

eft add adhd nassau county long island EFT helps with ADD/ADHD! and ignores the conventional methods (e.g. re-wiring the brain, enhancing focus or drugs). Instead, it uncovers and releases unresolved emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, or trauma. Once these issues are properly resolved (which is what EFT does best) the ADD-ADHD symptoms tend to fade and the client leads a normal social and academic life. (Note: If you are using Ritalin or other drugs, please rely on your physician regarding their use.)

ADD or ADHD clients almost invariably have anger, anxiety, fear, guilt, or trauma from either their current circumstances and when adults, their childhood. Often they feel like they "don't fit in" or "don't match up." In such cases, ADD or ADHD become symptoms of those underlying emotional causes. These issues become much easier to handle when you take aim at their true causes instead of covering up the problems with medication and many side effects. Resolve the causes and the symptoms fade. EFT does this!!

Thank you for your excellent presentation...

eft events long island"On behalf of Nassau CHADD, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation regarding EFT Tapping benefits for persons with ADHD. As was evident from the discussion in the group, you raised important issues. The members who attended were very glad to gain an understanding of (EFT) Tapping and its benefits. You provided them with excellent and relevant information.

Thank you for your time and your expertise."
- Sincerely, Christine Percoco
Corresponding Secretary, Nassau CHADD

How does EFT help athletes?
EFT has been used by thousands of athletes to improve their performance.

eft athletes yips nassau county long island As athletes strive toward high performance, setbacks and failures can occur. It is part of the process. Some athletes are easily able to put these setbacks into perspective. Other athletes hold onto them, allowing those moments to define who they are. Holding onto setbacks can impact an athletes performance.

Peak performance is all about getting out of our own way. This is true whether you're a golfer, a tennis player or a team player. No matter how hard you may work at your sport, your performance can quickly be derailed by:
  • Anxieties
  • Perfectionism
  • Negative thoughts
  • Past defeats
  • Lack of self-confidence
Most athletes know that one of the main barriers to this better sports performance is due to the "mental part" of the game - not the psychology of playing the game, but the individual athlete's mental and emotional readiness to win.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has helped many athletes get past their internal hurdles, whether they're golfers plagued by "the yips," tennis players struggling with their backhand or runners who've hit the wall. Recreational and professional athletes have greatly benefited from EFT treatment, boosting performance to levels they had not anticipated. Athletes also experience a significant increase in range of motion and quicker recovery from injuries.

What people are saying about Eileen and
Emotional Freedom Technique:

You have made a difference...

"Thank you for the information 'Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter' with the information to be stress free. I especially appreciate the picture of the EFT Tapping Points which I learned how to utilize doing the session I had with you. That session truly made a difference which added insight as to where I am in my life. I learned what I was thinking and feeling was just right for the changes I have been making. As a result I continue to allow myself to expand my horizons. YOU HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE, AGAIN THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU.

May you have much success with the Balance & Power, Inc. Newsletter and your book "Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT". See you at a NAPW Event." - Sincerely, Yvonne Redwood

"I'd been doing some self-study on EFT and was getting some reasonable results but after one short session with Eileen, I not only discovered what I was missing with regards to tapping, I immediately felt better...I felt like there was real progress. Eileen not only is an experienced tapping coach, it's abundantly clear that she truly cares about the people she works with.
Got an issue? (and who doesn't??) I urge you to engage Eileen as your coach. She's easy to work with and gets results."
- Jeff Goldberg, Jeff Goldberg & Associates

Veterans Reintegration Long IslandEileen Lichtenstein

"Eileen Lichtenstein's wealth of experience and knowledge of executive coaching combined with the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) have created a positive life energy within me to help get on the road to achieving my goals and dreams. Thanks Eileen!"
- Dr. Bruce Kesten, Kinesiology Chiropractor, Baldwin, NY

Personal Development Long Island, NY
"I have been so pleased with the improvement of my attitude and understanding of what it takes to understand and control my inner-self thanks to our discussions and interesting, calming exercises including tapping EFT that Eileen has shown me in these sessions. I highly recommend speaking with and learning from Eileen. She is insightful and very caring..."
- Howie Goldberg, Long Island, Entrepreneur and Salesman

More Testimonials Here

Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT
Conquer Procrastination, Phobias and Fear of Public Speaking

  • How to reduce stress and anger using EFT
  • Personal goal setting
  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Interactive Exercises
As a Certified level 2 EFT practitioner Eileen Lichtenstein uses these amazing techniques in her Private Life Coaching Sessions as well as her Anger Management Seminars and Stress Management Seminars with overwhelming success!

Eileen's interactive exercises & worksheets throughout the book are easy to follow while guiding you step by step through her process to success.

Looking for a career change, a reinvention? And if you are simply feeling overwhelmed with life, "sandwich generation" or parenting issues, Eileen's new ebook collection will help get you get unstuck, be fearless and SOAR!

Part of the "SOAR! with Resilience™ Series: The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success"

Cost: $9.95
[Downloadable in PDF Format]

Click Here to Order

Listen to Eileen talk about EFT on her recent appearances:

Click HERE to Listen to Eileen
On Empower Yourself with Lorna Blake
How to get unstuck and experience amazing results in your business, personal or relationship goals!

On Striker Corbin Learn about EFT and listen to Eileen lead the television audience through a tapping session, which she invites you to participate in.

Create Healthy Eating Habits and Conquer Emotional Eating

anger mangement nassau county Zap your food cravings with EFT! EFT dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.

Tapping Each Day Keeps The Binges Away!

How EFT Releases Weight and Eliminates Emotional Eating:
  • Reduces stress from everyday issues that may cause you to turn to food to tranquilize anxious feelings.

  • Dissolves blocked energy that results from an upsetting event, thereby changing the powerful negative emotions that cause you to eat out of emotion rather than hunger.

  • Releases cortisol (stress hormone) that become abdominal fat.

  • Banishes negative, set-in-stone beliefs and self- fulfilling expectations about food, weight, body image and hereditary factors.

  • Eliminates subconscious need to hang onto excess weight.

  • Neutralizes the emotional effects of difficult or traumatic events from the past.

  • Helps you to identify your personal overeating "triggers," the people, places, situations or thoughts that cause

  • Zaps your food cravings with everything notated above happening!

Testimonial from Dr. Bruce Kesten:

See EVENTS For More on EFT: Balance & Power Events
Personal Development Long Island, NY

More from Balance & Power:

Important You Read This: EFT is a relatively new modality, and although we've never
heard of any negative effects from its proper use, it's important you use this self-care information
wisely. EFT does NOT replace quality healthcare or medications prescribed to you by your personal
physician, and is NOT intended to replace that relationship. It's always prudent to consult your
healthcare practitioner before embarking upon ANY new treatments or exercise, and to use
sound judgement in ALL your self-care and health-care decisions.
Eileen is a certified level 2 EFT practitioner.



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