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stress management long island Eileen Lichtenstein, MS.Ed., EFT-ADV

Eileen Lichtenstein: Personal Bio

I feel I've had many lives and I'm happy to share with you now how I got started in my current field of peak performance executive coaching, incorporating mind-body modalities.

My husband Steve and I, college sweethearts, have been through a lot together and it hasn't always been smooth sailing. We have been married for thirty-eight years and have two beautiful daughters who we are very proud of. They have both left the nest, which was not easy for me to adjust to. Being a mother was such a big part of my purpose in life that when they left, I felt a bit lost. That experience helped me to bring my extreme sadness of being empty nested into perspective. Now, I'm enjoying being best friends with Steve again- traveling, kayaking and theater-going together, and have found a new passion in my life.

Recently I've become a certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. I feel passionately about it both for myself and as a method in my toolbox for my clients. I've found my second purpose in life and feel energized about connecting and motivating people to help them have a healthier, happier life. Along this journey, I am grateful to all my clients and students who I've helped and learned from.

Eileen Lichtenstein: Working Through my Own Health Issues with Meditation

anger management nassau county long island
I battled colitis for years before I found a holistic approach to healing myself. My participation in modalities incorporating positive thinking, affirmations, relaxation breathing, exercise and stretching were instrumental to my conquering colitis and became part of my Moving Meditation? Fitness Program. This inspirational movement and relaxation program I created in 1995 is an outgrowth of the professional physical and emotional work I had been doing.

Right around the birth of this product, about 15 years ago, I was sitting on my deck with my foot casted, the result of a pedestrian accident that left me with five breaks in a bone in my foot. I understood that I had to close down my start up business Eileen's Dance and Exercise Studio (an alternative children's dancing school with no recitals and adult exercise classes with childcare) that I had created while I was a stay at home Mom.

I was asked by a local physician to help develop and write a curriculum for a new stress reduction program he was developing. He encouraged me to read "John Kabot-Zinn's Full Catastrophe Living and Mindfulness Meditation and Herbert Benson's The Relaxation Response, which turned my negative attitude towards recovery around and were catalysts to my healing and I was able to teach Hatha yoga for this course within a few months.

Fifty percent of the participants in the stress reduction program were exhibiting psychosomatic symptoms. The training and coaching we provided enabled them to feel in control of the outcome of their illness, even when improvement was not an expected part of their future. Since then I have been and continue to be inspired by the impact people can have on their lives when they choose to manage and reduce stress. I am honored to be a part of that process in anyway that I can.

sensitivity training Long Island

Bio-feedback Practitioner

While I was dealing with a severely broken foot, my prognosis was unknown, as I had huge amounts of tissue damage. During this time of healing, I also became trained and worked as a bio-feedback practitioner in order to have career "back-up" because of my unknown prognosis. The mind- body connection, the autogenic and relaxation training and counseling techniques inherent in the training of biofeedback therapy contributed significantly to my own healing from the accident, and served as a powerful reinforcement of the power of the mind-body connection.

Executive Coaching

sensitivity training Long Island I was greatly impacted during this time by the professional training at the Omega Institute with Dr. Kabot-Zinn, who founded the Center for Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction Programs at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The training was pivotal in integrating all the work I was doing and helped me clarify my goal to be trained as a professional coach, which I went on to do with Corporate Coach University.

Anger Management Long Island

I now teach Anger Management Classes and Anger Management Educational Programs for individuals who may be court mandated.

I hold an Anger Management Specialist-1 certification to teach anger management for groups and individuals based on a psycho-educational model from NAMA: National Association of Anger Management.

Skillful anger and stress management techniques are taught and practiced in my seminars with coaching and training for appropriate communication skills necessary for managing anger. I can help you to understand the definition of anger as a protective emotion and consider ways in which anger can be useful and positive.

Professor at Hofstra University

In establishing Balance and Power more than a decade ago, I wanted to bring my executive coaching and training skills to those who wanted to experience the same healing in their lives as I had experienced. I also became an adjunct professor at Hofstra University in the Health and Physical Education Departments, where I helped thousands of young people address stress levels that were affecting their careers, family, and relationships. I branched out as a speaker at Hofstra to organizations and corporate venues.

stress management long island
I've learned that almost nothing stays the same, that there is constant change internally as well as externally in the world. What that remains the same are your core values, which are important to define and acknowledge. When you allow yourself to access your personal power, there's always an opportunity for growth.

In addition to holistic wellness techniques, I have devoted time to the field of Social Work. Working with NAMI, (National Association for the Mentally Ill) as a consultant helped me to understand the intricacies of mental illness, the stigma that it holds and the burden it places on families. Additionally, I was trained as a caseworker by NYS and worked with Nassau County Department of Social Work.

Promoting Optimal Wellness and Productivity in Your Life

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. believes inner strength and being centered are keys to life and business management. She offers innovative training, speaking and coaching in the realm of stress management/reduction and work-life balance for individuals and groups, and has developed strategies to facilitate success.

Eileen is a Certified Career and Mid-Life Coach with She helps men and women find new career insights, encore career paths and, of course, job opportunities.
Please contact Eileen directly for a Free Consult via phone or online:

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