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Tuesday, December 1st
eft events long island Eileen on The Gold Wellness Circle Panel:
Health and Wellness Virtual Event

Eileen joins a great panel of health and wellness experts!

This Health and Wellness Virtual Event is perfect with the holiday season quickly approaching especially with COVID-19 looming over everyone's heads. Attendees would definitely benefit from any tips and information you have to share about staying healthy both physically and mentally during this Holiday and Covid season!

When: Tuesday, December 1st.

More Info: TBD

Reduce Stress, Release Frustration, Gain Calm and Confidence!
An In-Depth Training Session with Eileen Lichtenstein

eft events long island

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Guided Visualization-Relaxation and additional Strategies and techniques to create calm, focus, and better relationships & communication.

With Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career.

An In-Depth Training Session:
As an Educator, Certified level 2 EFT practitioner, a Certified Anger Management Specialist and Life and Career Coach I use research-backed techniques and strategies that have strong success and emotional balance statistics for wellness, focus and productivity . I use these techniques in my Personal Life and Career Coaching Sessions as well as Anger and Stress Management Sessions and Seminars with overwhelming success!

Release Stress and Be Calm & Productive!
  • Breathwork (including relaxation, energetic, and more!)
  • Short meditation
  • Positive visualizations
  • Gratefulness
  • Active listening for effective communication
  • EFT: More about EFT
  • Release Fear, Frustration!
  • Increase Calm, Confidence, Hope!
*Each participant receives my ebooks:
Gain Clarity & Confidence with EFT
Overcome Overwhelm NOW: Stress Management Strategies & Techniques
Anger Management Strategies & Techniques

Start today to change your life and career for the better!
Available for your group as a 1/2 day training or a series on Zoom

Call or email for more information:
Ph: 516 623 4353

Eileen Available to Lead EFT Groups Online

eft events long island
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Guided Visualization-Relaxation with Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. CEO, Balance & Power, Inc. Peak Performance Success Coach for Your Life and Career

Location: Now available online.

RXR Plaza: 405 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556
Eileen also facilitates groups on your location.

Contact Eileen Now for more information about her EFT and Guided Visualization-Relaxation Groups: (516) 623-4353

  • Release stress and resolve issues!

  • Build confidence!

  • Overcome fears!

  • Tap on your own challenges and the other participants' for great results!

  • Reduce stress and transform procrastination into action!

  • Beginners and Experienced Tappers Welcome

Find out More about EFT

New Course at MMU: How To SOAR Your Way To Entrepreneurial Success with Eileen Lichtenstein

eft events long island
Join Eileen's New Course at Master Mind University!

"It is only through gratitude that life becomes rich."
-Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Learn how to become a better you and Call MMU:
(631)-494-4421 - Get Connected with Eileen Today!

Department of Education: Master Mind Coaching (MMCO)
Presentation Type: PowerPoint
Duration Time: 2 Weeks (One 60 Minute call Per Week)
Recorded: Yes
Information Delivery: Online Educational Video

Attendee: You are an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to manage and reduce your stress, anxiety and anger symptoms to improve the quality of your relationships and communication, understand communication styles and resolve conflicts effectively, increase self-esteem and self-confidence balance work and homelife and prioritize your thoughts in a positive way.
Location: New York

Eileen's Instructor Certifications and Degrees: MS Education, Certified Anger Management Specialist and EFT Practitioner

Years of Experience: 30 Years

Tuition: $147.00 Per Student (Includes: FREE Workbook and Materials - $200 value)

Learn How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur Using Knowledge & Wisdom at MMU!

More Info & Register:

Your Balance & Power Event:

Would you like to sponsor a Balance & Power, Inc. / SOAR! with Resilience® event or series in your venue-location?

Contact: Eileen Lichtenstein, President Balance & Power Inc.
(516) 623-4353
or email to

Eileen on

stress management Wantagh "SOAR! with Resilience®"
The Balance and Power Network:

Eileen explores personal and professional goal manifestation and facilitation. She has been joined by experts on each segment.


On Demand Show Archives Here:

And check out Eileen's recent blogtalkradio appearance on
The Prospect Profiler, Know your prospect and Speak their Language

What People Are Saying About Eileen on BlogTalkRadio:
I'm a publicist for Publish Green in Minneapolis. I've worked with many blog talk radio hosts in the past and my authors love it. I was drawn to your show because of your insightful questions and wonderful, helpful business success advice.
- Best, Ashley


Coaching entrepreneurs, executives, employees and people in transition providing brainstorming opportunities, enhanced clear vision and the boost in confidence in order to move forward.

Eileen Lichtenstein, President Balance & Power® Balance & Power® Inc.

Schedule a Free 20 Minute Telephone Consult to find out how Eileen's Peak Performance Success Coaching will empower you to reach new heights of productivity, success and happiness in your personal and professional life with a customized program.

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