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Moving Meditation® Fitness: A Fitness and Relaxation Program

Achieving maximum physical, emotional and spiritual health through relaxation breathing, movement, visualization/positive imagery and meditation.

Moving Meditation®:Fitness : A Fitness and Relaxation Program greatly impacts achievement of one's personal and professional objectives. This program is available on mp3.

The Moving Meditation® Program was founded by Eileen Lichtenstein, MS.Ed.,CPT., in 1995. She has helped thousands of people achieve maximum health through a program design to help adults and children, including the physically and emotionally challenged populations.

  • Reduce stress and mood swings
  • Boost immune system
  • Increase focus, productivity and creativity
  • Enhance sleep
  • Control anger
  • Build confidence
  • Reduce substance abuse
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Decrease migraine and tension headaches
  • Gain control over diabetes and digestive disorders
  • Lessen the incidence of back problems

Moving Meditation® Fitness Program

This one hour program consists of instructional voice-over jazz guiding you step-by-step through the
Moving Meditation® Program.

Side A: Active section includes warm-up stretches and instruction in relaxation breathing. Original fluid upper body movements are then added along with visualizations and positive imagery. This program can be used with walking, running, skating, exercise bike, aquacise and seated exercise. It can also be used as a warm-up/cool down for a power walking or running program.

Side B: Relaxation section includes progressive muscle relaxation, gentle stretches, and equipped meditative sequences.

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Interview with Eileen Lichtenstein

Free Sample from Moving Meditation® Fitness Program (mp3)

Track #9:
Healing Breathwork
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Moving Meditation® Fitness Program (mp3)
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Moving Meditation® Fitness Program (mp3)
Enitire Program: 9 Tracks
Price: $8.99 (Best Value)

Track #1:
Intro & Warmup
Price: $1.50

Track #2:
Rythmic Movement
Price: $1.50

Track #3:
Price: $1.50

Track #4:
What Is Progressive Relaxation?
Price: $1.50

Track #5:
Guided Relaxation Breathing
Price: $1.50

Track #6:
Guided Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Price: $1.50

Track #7:
Guided Relaxation
Price: $1.50

Track #8:
Seated Stretching
Price: $1.50

Track #9:
Healing Breathwork
Price: $1.50

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