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Parenting Skills Program Long Island NY

Parenting Skills Program to Reverse High Stress Parenting

Facilitated by Eileen Lichtenstein, M.S. Ed., Certified Anger Management Specialist

Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY

It's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed, especially in today's world. This program shares stress
and anger management strategies
and how to become proficient Active Listeners and Conflict Resolution Practitioners essential in our busy home lives today.

Balance & Power Parenting Skills Program:
Learn Strategies/Techniques to Reduce and Cope with Anger

Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY
  • Learn Relaxation Exercises to reduce stress and tension

  • Learn Strategies to increase Frustration Tolerance

  • Learn Methods to project positive authority, discipline and limit setting

  • Learn about Age Appropriate Punishment-Warning, time to calm down, timeout, grounded, losing privileges

  • Learn how to handle children when they express frustration through anger and tantrums.

  • Learn how to set Healthy Boundaries, identify and promote respectful behavior.

Parenting does not always come easy and many parents sometimes need some extra support
and guidance
. These Parenting Classes / Sessions are created out of a desire to help parents discover and practice what is best for their child and for themselves as a parent.
  • This course is perfect for parents, teachers, social workers, nurses, doctors, daycare providers and anybody who interacts with children.

  • Skills to Communicate Effectively, End Conflict, and Manage Stress and Anger

  • Eileen Lichtenstein is committed to helping parents enjoy the benefits of positive results.

Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY

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Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY

Eileen also offers Court Approved Parenting Classes in Long Island NY.
  • Letters accepted by the courts.
  • One to one, sliding scale fee, 6 sessions paid in advance.
  • Letter, certificate is given upon completion and letter when starting if needed.
  • Court Approved Parenting Class

Parenting Skills Classes Long Island NY

Parenting Skills Program Long Island About Eileen Lichtenstein
As a Certified Anger Management Specialist I am helping people provide an understanding of the role stress plays in our lives, including recent studies of the impact of chronic stress on physical, emotional and mental states, and to provide experiences of different relaxation techniques that can be used in the daily lives of the participants.

Parenting Skills Program
This program shares stress and anger management strategies and how to become proficient Active Listeners and Conflict Resolution Practitioners essential in our busy home lives today.

Parenting Skills Classes One on One Personal Sessions
in Westbury, Long Island, NY
(Westbury office near parkways and 5 minute walk to LIRR.)

*Sliding scale fee
*6 sessions paid in advance
*Paypal or cc by phone: 516.623.4353
**Using PayPal below, Eileen will confirm your registration with email.

*One on One Packages:
6 One Hour Office Sessions: $750 ($125 per session)

Contact Eileen today for a Free Consultaion.

10% discount for Veterans and their families

*Court Accepted Parenting Class Long Island NY
*Letter, certificate is given upon completion and letter when starting if needed.
(court mandated)

More About Parenting Skills Programs Long Island NY

Mindful Parenting Skills, Conscious Parenting, Empowered Parenting Skills, Positive Parenting Classes:

court mandated parenting classes long island NY Get the help you need to feel EMPOWERED and PROUD at how you handle anything parenthood throws your way, and raise strong, respectful, considerate, and even HELPFUL children. Real-world parenting skills solutions you can implement IMMEDIATELY to create a happier home.

"Conscious" Parenting Skills: As "conscious" parents, we all desire to be an integral part of our child's life and to witness and assist them in building the foundation to become and remain happy, healthy, independent and productive adults.

These parenting classes / sessions will empower you to communicate much more clearly and effectively, to become a more present parent and to maintain inner balance in the most stressful of times.

Mindful parenting involves decoding and addressing the deeper needs of our children, rather than getting mindlessly caught up in and reactive to surface behaviors. As parents, perhaps the most precious thing we can give our children is the gift of our full presence, in the moment.

Mindful Parenting Skills: The cultivation of self-compassion/love, healthy self-acceptance and self-awareness are essential components of skillful and effective mindful parenting. Mindful parenting involves the "inner work" of coming home to oneself as an authentic human being for the benefit of all.

Mindful Parenting Classes: Through both daily formal and informal practices, mindful parenting focuses on managing strong emotions, reactivity and stress, improving mindful communication, honoring sovereignty, recognizing and actively reshaping one's maladaptive mental patterns, as well as cultivating compassion, loving kindness and self-care.

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What people are saying about Eileen Lichtenstein,
Certified Anger Management Specialist:

"Eileen has helped me through the darkest moments of my life; her support was unbelievable. I would not have been able to get through my divorce and family being torn apart without her help. When I was totally lost she guided me through the road map back to my life. I could never thank her enough".
- JD, PSEG Employee

parenting skills programs long island NY "Working with Eileen has been tremendously helpful for dealing with stress and given me tools to overcome my fears and come to terms with making the best of what I can accomplish and letting the rest of it be. Thank you thank you so much!!"
- Pamela Higgins,
Certified Health Coach

"After a recent incident in my life, I had the pleasure of working with Eileen Lichtenstein for a few weeks. This experience allowed me to focus on various events of my life, some of which were out of my control. She is knowledgeable, understanding and shows a great deal of compassion, also allowing me to reach some form of inner peace, despite the circumstances. Various relaxation techniques were introduced to me, which I will continue to take advantage of.

I cannot thank Eileen enough for her insight, encouragement and support. Overall it was a great experience, but a necessary one, to get me through one of life's obstacles". Thank You,
- Ron K., Rehab Therapist, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

More Testimonials Here

*Court Accepted Parenting Class Long Island NY

Court Accepted Parenting Class Long Island NY

  • The certificate is included in the cost.

  • Certificate is accepted by the courts.

  • Free enrollment confirmation letter.

  • The Parenting Classes provide meaningful content intended to meet court, legal, or employer requirements.

  • The techniques taught in this course are techniques based on proven results, that will help you communicate more effectively, and help to strengthen the relationships within your family.

  • Parents benefit because this is affordable, convenient, complete, and court-accepted.

Contact Eileen to start your Parenting Skills Course Now

Court Approved Parenting Classes Long Island NY

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