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C-Level Executive Coaching

Eileen Lichtenstein, Peak Performance Success Life and Career Coach
Leadership & Executive Coaching

Eileen Lichtenstein helps you be effective, fulfilled and balanced in your work.

Eileen's Leadership & Executive Coaching programs are designed to bring about greater personal effectiveness, well-being and happiness, while positively impacting the performance of the organization.

Eileen's programs can help provide clarity and insight to leaders and their teams, particularly those are facing challenges in:
  • performance and effectiveness
  • creativity and energy
  • job satisfaction, balance and stress-reduction
  • overcoming obstacles

Eileen Lichtenstein's C-Level Leadership & Executive Coaching can
maximize effectiveness, creativity and resilience.

stress management long island Eileen Lichtenstein, MS.Ed., EFT-ADV
With Eileen's executive leadership coaching, client and coach work together to bring fresh perspectives to work and life.

Coaching, plus the commitment to working and living mindfully can provide powerful positive impact to clients who are looking for improved performance, balance and happiness (and less stress and emotional reactivity). All Eileen's programs are customized to each client's unique needs.

Improving employee performance, engagement and satisfaction
For clients who are interested in improving employee performance, engagement and satisfaction. Eileen works with each organization to provide programs that best suits their priorities and goals, all designed for personal and organizational enrichment and excellence.
  • Successfully Balance-Integrate the demands of work with family and personal life.

  • Effective Time Strategies strategies to increase your productivity.

  • Team-Building and Effective Communication Workshops.

  • Strategies to handle harassment and discrimination issues in the era of #MeToo and how the acceptance or non-acceptance of these behaviors affect your company.

  • Learn how to establish and maintain a collaborative and supportive workplace, starting from senior management team and spreading throughout the entire company.

  • How to create a powerful, employee-focused environment that attracts and retains A-level employees.

  • The importance and value of collaboration and maintaining ethics in the workplace.

  • Eileen's Leadership & Executive Coaching is one of the most effective programs available guide and support individuals, groups, or the entire organization.
Participants are encouraged to create personal goals to reduce stress and for work/life life balance-integration issues, especially in the realm of effective time-prioritizing strategies. Follow-up individual and team coaching is encouraged for optimal, consistent results.

About Eileen: Executive Coaching

anger management Long Island As a certified Career Coach I am helping people in this "new economy and marketplace" to 'reinvent' themselves and their careers by exploring options presented by the coachee's interests and talents and providing resources.

Among my clients are educators, financial experts and recent graduates of law school. I help to empower these individuals to see that they have skill sets that lend themselves very well to other careers (including entrepreneurial opportunities) as well as interests and "hobbies" that are marketable.

Through a coaching structure of brainstorming, goal setting, accountability and stress and time management they become open to possibilities and many are jump started onto a successful "new" career path.

10% discount for Veterans and their families

What people are saying about Eileen Lichtenstein's Executive Coaching:

"Eileen's sensitivity, open heart, & dynamism helped me find the confidence & enthusiasm to restructure my professional life. She offered techniques for moving "stuck energy" into a more positive & practical light. I really enjoyed the experience."
- Mark Donato

"Thanks so very much for your insight, expertise and creative delivery of great opportunities for my Business Conversation Unlimited members; many will be listening to the recording over the next couple of weeks and this will be ideal as they seek ways to reduce the stress of just dealing with this awful winter!" - Andrea Feinberg, Happy Business Catalyst

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Eileen Lichtenstein selected as
a Woman of Outstanding Leadership in 2014

From The International Women's Leadership Association

In consideration of her continued contribution to family, career, and community, Eileen Lichtenstein have been selected as a woman of outstanding leadership in 2014.

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Work-Life Integration For Women Entrepreneurs Long Island, NY

Source: Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal
Women Entrepreneurs Long Island, NY

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