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SOAR! with Resilience® Programs
for Educational Staff, Parents & Students

Facilitated by Eileen Lichtenstein, M.S. Ed.,
Certified Anger Management Specialist

Our trainings and groups decrease bullying, reduce student stress improve school climate and student well-being.

  • Bullying Prevention Programs
  • Parents & Faculty Workshops & Programs
  • Conflict Resolution/Intervention Workshops & Programs

Positive Practical Parenting with Living Values

Facilitated Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed., Certified EFT Practitioner and CEO Balance & Power, Inc.

It's easy for parents to feel overwhelmed, especially in today's world. This interactive workshop shares stress and anger management strategies and how to become proficient Active Listeners and Conflict Resolution practitioners which are key Living Values, essential in our busy home lives today.

Helping Teachers and Support Staff Relax and Reduce Stress

school programs Long Island
  • Release, Relax, Recharge!

    Relaxation breath techniques, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, guided relaxation and learn EFT! (Emotional Freedom Techniques, tapping)

    More About EFT

Staff Development (CEU's available) and Parent Groups

anger management Long Island The importance of core values, ethics, self-esteem, self-confidence and stress management are key factors in personal development, and are the key components of Eileen's SOAR! with Resilience® programs.

Balance & Power, Inc. offers sensitivity trainings which include the content of an internationally based curriculum with proven successful results:,
The content is especially targeted to educators, parents and students.

Training Programs for Adults

  • Strategies to Prevent Bullying/Cyber-Bullying and Anger Management
    More about Anger Management Westbury Nassau County Long Island, New York and surrounding areas

  • Anger Management and Stress Release

  • Conflict Resolution and Anger Management: Understanding that bullies usually have low self-esteem and how it is best not to give up our power to these people.

  • anger management New York
  • Sensitivity Training/Character Education: Curriculum for Teaching Respect, Ethics And Tolerance. Promoting the understanding that self-esteem is not just about feeling good, but more importantly, it is about doing the right thing.

  • Effective Communication: Learn about different styles of communication, and how to be a good communicator. Take the frustration out of communication!

  • Stress Reduction: Includes relaxation techniques, relaxation breathing, positive visualization and guided imagery.
    More about Stress Reduction Westbury, Nassau County Long Island, New York and surrounding areas

  • Time Management, Prioritizing and Goal Setting

  • Parenting Classes Court Approved Long Island NY

Student Groups (ages 12-18)

anger management Long Island Bullying and cyber-bullying can leave anyone feeling hurt, angry, depressed or overwhelmed. Bullying is an aggressive behavior that can be physical, verbal, or relational. Learn about why some kids bully and why others are bullied, and how to develop the resilience and self-confidence to succeed in life.

Cyberbullying is the use of communication technologies for the intention of harming another person.

The most damaging aspect of bullying is its repetition. Bullies are often relentless, bullying over and over again for long periods of time. Cyber-bullying can be even more painful because it can be witnessed by many more people and continue around the clock.
  • Bullying/Cyber-Bullying Prevention Support Groups: Anti-bullying tactics and Techniques to stay positive, reduce stress and anger, stay focused and build self-esteem!

  • Sensitivity Training/Character Education for Students: Same curriculum as for the Adult Program (*see above with attached website links.)

Strategies for Conflict Resolution/Intervention and Bullying Prevention

bullying prevention Long Island
  • Applications: Professional to professional, in the workplace, as well as educational facilities. Professional to student; and student to student. Strategies are based on psycho-educational models.

  • Learn About and Participate in EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques are a great tool for emotional and stress management. Find out more about EFT: EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques.

All programs are 60 minutes; half or full day programs are available.
The content and fees of each program are customized to meet your needs and are negotiable.

SOAR! with Resilience® Training Manual or Balance & Power Inc eBooks accompany the programs and may be purchased at a group discounted fee.

Anger Management for Troubled Youth
[Anger Management Troubled Youth, Troubled Youth Programs, Troubled Kids, Troubled Teens ]

anger management Troubled Teens Long Island
Eileen Lichtenstein's Anger Management certification and experience working with "troubled" youth in NYC and Long Island Schools makes her the "go to" person regarding youth experiencing high levels of anger and stress.

Eileen has trained thousands of teachers, support staff and administrators in public schools and "Head Start" dealing with anger/stress management and effective communication skills. (NYC and Long Island).

Eileen has successfully facilitated Stress and Anger Mangement Youth Programs (parallel to the NYS anti-bullying campaign) in classrooms as well as coaching students at Career and Health Fair days of public schools across Long Island.

Here's what people are saying about Eileen Lichtenstein:

"As you know there is a good deal of stress in our profession, a center based special education preschool. Your use of deep breathing techniques and positive visualizations really helped us to relax. We were so looking forward to your repeat visit, and have been listening to your audio program, Moving Meditation® Fitness. We now close the office door and take deep breaths when we are stressed out. It really works. We will see you again soon."
- Tina Cooper, Educational Supervisor
HASC Administrative Office, Brooklyn, New York
bullying prevention Long Island
"You provided valuable information to our staff through your workshop "Manage Your Anger and Emotions" at our conference. The information you shared will be beneficial to our staffs professional development and personal enrichment. The time and effort in planning and facilitating the half day workshop is greatly appreciated."
- Kimberly Hart, Center Operations and Training Manager, LI Head Start

"Eileen, you have a very special gift, you connected with my teenager, and I'm sure you have helped countless others. Keep up the great work!"
- Richard Shane , Owner Coldwell Banker Estates, Wantagh, NY

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